maandag 1 januari 2018


na diepe intelligente conversaties
omlijst met sfeervolle muziek
besloot ik na diep overdenken
  vannacht alsnog om 24.00, 2018  binnen te treden
iedereen mij wel bekend wens ik na deze weloverwogen,
onbezonnen daad het beste van wat 2018 ons te bieden heeft toe
(c) JR,  1 januari 2018
after highly intelligent conversations
surrounded by spherefull music
I then decided at zero hour 
after  deep reflection to join 2018
wishing ev'rybody
after this carefully  planned reckless deed
the best of what 2018 can ever give
(c) JR 1 januari 2018

vrijdag 29 december 2017

Bring us home

I'm your fire
your water in the ocean
the air you breathe
your sun in the sky
I can be ev'rything
you'd ever want me to be
'cause you're my woman,
you're ev'rything
I'd want you to be
we're our fire,
our water in the ocean,
our air we breathe
sun in the sky,
our stepping stone 
our rollin' stone
and it will roll an' roll
it will take us
wherever we want to go
will bring us home
(c) JR.

donderdag 28 december 2017

Fallin' apart

I'm up an' about
runnin' around
uppin' my speed
uppin' my beat

my heart's  in retreat
is poundin'  away
I feel it comin' apart


I'm fallin'
in some kind of dream
where I don't wake up

and..when I do
I'm in my chair
coolin' down

it's what the man
always says
in the fitness scene

fallin' apart
ev'rybodies dream

(c) JR. 2017


I need to look, see through any window
I need to look see through my window
I need to see the difference it makes

when daylight says hello... then turns away
and darkness is your stranger comin' in from
the cold and... then turns away

'cause my new mornin' says hello
I need to look through my window
without any restraint, I need to look
to see the difference it makes

(c) JR.  28-12-2017

Ev'ry night

The devil was
in her eyes
taking chances
on a hunch
little devil
had me stung

strange look
strange smile
strange light
devíl's inside

in her spell
I hit the wall
hit the ceiling
what a life
kick inside
is what I like

ancient feeling
cutting slices
of my hide
taking chances

a girl like that
could break
could bend
could mend
in a moment

your mind's
her prize
prime posession
prime collection
takin' chances
ev'ry night

(c) JR.

Southern sea

Southern sea, is where my life began
among the shells, among the rocks
that can tell

there's a cold wind blowing
it carries memories across
makes me shiver

water, glitters with a strange light
flowing with a steady motion
without me knowing

it's been a lifetime I knew
the waters I went through
and I live in the waves of the tide

it offers me peace of mind
it's one of those nights
a clear moon showing

silence through an' through
where are you now
Southern sea has taken you

(c) JR.

My Dream

walking about the lively town
on days autumn claims
my thoughts drift away

I feel it all getting to me
no commitment to please
walking of in a setting sun

slowly starting to run
geting away from it all
running into endless walls

in the distance an image shows
walking where the sun is low
I try to get as close as I can

slowly I come 'round the bend
past all those endless walls
I start running will I fall

will I get where I want
will I get there for nightfall
will I get there at all

too slowly 'round the bend
my last breath spent
buried the sun in the sand

I was lost slowly I ran
fell over an edge into light
coming to a hall with a door

running through a corridor
smoke leads to steam
where is my image, my dream

(c) JR.


  Well, na diepe intelligente conversaties omlijst met sfeervolle muziek besloot ik na diep overdenken   vannacht alsnog om 24.00...